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Farce of the Rings or How I Met Your Mordor

No character, genre or subject is sacred in the The Farce of the Rings or How I Met Your Mordor, a hilarious send-up of the beloved movie franchise where everyone's favorite Ring characters are totally out of their realm in a new Center-Earth. The sweeping comedy is filled with pratfalls and one-liners to delight all fans of farce. Audiences won’t believe how hours of forced perspective, vast battle scenes, motion-capture performances, endless cross-country treks and prolonged loving glances are crammed into one uproarious evening of live pandemonium. 

The original script by Indiana playwrights Brett Hughes and Scott Culpepper makes its world premiere at Theatre at The Milk Building in Lebanon, Indiana this September 27th through October 26th. Come see the play so funny that it was almost named You Shall Not Laugh or Everybody Loves Frodo!